what to wear for New York winter


As a southerner, sometimes going up north for the winter can feel a bit intimidating or like the movie The Day After Tomorrow. We can be extremely dramatic when it comes to weather below 30 degrees, so in hopes of helping some southerners, I put together a list of some essentials to bring to New York to brave the cold.

  1. North Face Parka - This is probably my favorite purchase from 2018 because it has been such a life saver for New York as well as our freezing days in Oklahoma. I never knew how much I needed it until I had it. It was a whole new world of not having to pack multiple layers and actually staying warm. I got mine at an outlet right after Christmas, so it was about half off. I would highly recommend looking at an outlet before paying full price for the same jacket.

  2. Comfortable Winter Boots - These boots are great for snow and all around winter weather (hello fur lining and waterproof soles). Nothing says rookie like walking through snow in tennis shoes and getting them soaked. Snag a pair of these and keep your feet warm all winter.

  3. Blanket Scarf - This item is particularly handy when the wind is incessant and you want something covering your nose and mouth without a full ski mask. There are many different blanket scarfs out there, but I like a classic color that you can wear for the entire weekend.

  4. Hat - This hat is definitely not the most practical, but it is dang cute. Some sort of hat is essential for when it drops below 10 degrees and the wind will not stop blowing your hair around. Grab a beanie or fashionable hat like this one to brave the streets.


Although it is not the most pleasant, experiencing New York in the winter is incredibly fun and I think makes it more of an experience. Don’t let the cold keep you away! Grab these essentials and go brave the bustling city!

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