About HRS

My husband and I are currently living in Turin, which is in the northwest region of Italy. We had a dream of living a big adventure before settling down and having kids. While looking for jobs to stay permanently, we are also exploring all the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

From traveling at a young age with my family to backpacking with a best friend through numerous countries, I have always looked for new experiences that push my comfort zone and encourage growth. I have had my fair share of set-backs and mess ups while navigating new spaces and interacting with different cultures and most of the time those are some of my favorite stories to tell. I have also found that sharing these experiences help open a conversation about travel and why I believe it is good for the soul. While getting the perfect picture is fun, seeing the world through the lens of different people and a new country is so humbling.

I firmly believe that we live in one world and represent another and I feel like I meet a little more of Jesus every time I meet someone new that makes me think differently or see a place that blows my mind. So, follow along and hopefully we can do this thing together!